The Daily Gamecock

The Daily Gamecock is the editorially independent student newspaper at the University of South Carolina. Circulating 12,000 papers every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, The Daily Gamecock is South Carolina’s 15th largest newspaper, according to the South Carolina Press Association, and has been publishing since 1908. (From The Daily Gamecock)


Editor-in-Chief, News Editor, Assistant News Editor, News Staff Writer, Viewpoints columnist


  • Helped plan launch of new website and coordinate its release with PR campaign
  • Increased social media accounts – Twitter: 1,328 to 1,686 (27%) – Goal was 10% increase; Facebook: 1,067 to 2,240 (110%) – Goal was 500 more
  • Increased multimedia content
  • Produced an article that went viral, bringing in 50,000 hits in one day


Editor-in-chief gives farewell