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In addition to my blogs for University Chic, I also write blogs for its Huffington Post account.

Could a Male With a High School Degree Earn More Than a Female College Graduate?
Looking back on our nation’s history, it would seem women have made remarkable gains both in the workplace and in higher learning. For example, in 1975 only 11 percent of women earned bachelor’s degrees, but by 2000 that number had more than doubled.

Top 10 College Scandals of 2010
After a year of major bombshells and multiple criminal allegations, high school students who are currently going through the college admissions process might want to add a few new items to their pros/cons list.

Should You Wait to Start an MBA Program?
Graduation is quickly approaching for many of us — much faster than we would like it to. For those of you who haven’t scored a job yet, graduate school is probably still in the mix. If you’re a business student, the odds are you’ve probably considered earning your MBA.