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Crossing the Line: When Facebook Becomes Too Much

We all love Facebook – there’s no question about that. It’s great to have such a convenient resource to connect with friends and family, no matter how far away you may be.

What We All Cam Learn From Lauren Spierer’s Disappearance

News of IU student Lauren Spierer’s disappearance quickly spread across the Internet this week as more and more people spread the word through social media.

The story has hit so close to home because what happened to Lauren could happen to anyone. Sometimes we forget – as young 20-somethings – that bad things can happen to good people.

The Truth Behind the V-Word: Virginity and Being Abstinent in College

Contrary to popular belief, there’s nothing wrong with saving yourself for marriage.

The Age of Social Media: How to Become (and Stay) Informed

Americans of all ages cheered and chanted, proclaiming their patriotism and love for their country last night upon hearing news of Osama bin Laden’s death.

Pictures were streaming across Facebook and Twitter, illustrating how different college campuses across the nation were celebrating this historic moment. Since it’s finals week on my campus, there wasn’t much time for celebration, but I’m told that “USA!” cheers echoed around the library.

Although this is a truly amazing event on its own, it’s also interesting to consider how college students are gathering and spreading information.

Watch Your Mouth:  What You Post Online Could Hurt You

Although you had a fun time last night out on the town, do you really need to post on your Facebook just how hammered drunk you were?

You’re No Rapunzel: How to Avoid Being a Damsel in Distress

Despite how much fun it may seem to wait for Prince Charming (or Princess Charming) to come running in on his/her valiant steed, you’re better than that.

Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself: 5 Questions to Confirm You’re Not an Egotistical Zombie

After much consideration, I’ve come to the conclusion that there must be some germ floating through the air that’s infecting college students nationwide. Now what is this virus that’s wreaking havoc on 20-somethings nationwide? I can sum it up in one word: selfishness.

Lessons Learned from ‘Real Housewives’

You wouldn’t think a show centered around 30-somethings would have so much pull with girls my age.

Live Your Life: Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

We all have the days when the world seems to be in a huge alliance against us. We fail the test, lose the guy/girl to someone else, rip our brand new T-shirt and trip down the stairs. It happens. But life does go on.

Students & Communication: Is Email the New Phone Call?

Think about the last time you actually called somebody (aside from your parents or significant other). I’m willing to bet you’ve probably made less than 10 phone calls this week.

10 Ways to Make People Take You More Seriously

Do you ever feel like the people around you aren’t respecting you or your time? If you make a few lifestyle changes, you could start to notice a difference in how you feel about yourself and how others treat you.

Respect Yourself: How to Avoid Being a Drunken, Hot Mess

We’ve all seen that guy or girl at the party who has had too much to drink and needs to go home. This person, who is on the verge of vomiting until the sun rises, is not who you want to be.

Being a Good Roommate: It Starts With Kindergarten Rules

One of the most difficult parts of college is living with people your own age. Because the college years tend to be a transitional period, it can be difficult living with others. You are constantly changing during this stage of your life, and it can be hard to get along with others who are doing the same.

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